Infection Control Auditing Software


Electronic Auditing Using ICAT

Welcome to our newly launched self-web Infection Control Auditing Technology (ICAT), now fully multi-platform
iPad Android, tablet PC’s, PC’s, mobile phones all compatible

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Electronic Audits

Using the online Infection Control Audit Technology on your iPad, mobile phone or Android tablet means you can conduct audits as you move around your facility, capturing your observations for each of the structured questions in the expert system.

The audit software allows you to read the question rationale for the user to see a list of likely answers.  The audit software allows you to read the question rationale for the user to then see a list of likely answers.  The user will choose any or all of the  answers provided.  This is the structure on every question until the audit is fully complete.  Once completed, the system will generate a full colour coded report and action plan for your location.

ICAT supports multiple locations per facility.

The content database is continually reviewed and updated to apply the most up-to-date legislation, expert guidance and best practice inline with the SKLOE inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

ICAT has Over 200 Types of Audit Tools in its content library

  • Primary Care with Minor Surgery
  • Social Care
  • Dentistry with Decontamination
  • Hospices - both Adult and Paediatric
  • Medicines management
  • High Impact Interventions audits
  • Theatres
  • Independent hospitals
  • Clinics in patent
  • Clinics outpatient
  • Wide variety of clinical audits
  • Peripheral Venus Cannula
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Variety of smaller audits
  • Mental health (4 types)
  • Prisons
  • Immigration Centres
  • Domiciliary Care
  • Cleaning audits
  • Waste Management

MS Word

Once your audit is complete, you will be provided with a comprehensive, colour coded, fully referenced report with recommendations, and the automatically produced corresponding MS Word Action Plan.

Action Plans provide a detailed list of actions based on the areas that need consideration or direct action.

ICAT’s multi-facility auditing – Care Home Groups, CCGs, NHS Trusts, and so on

A Care Home group for example, with 10 Care Homes,  can run an audit programme throughout the year and issue audits to each facility from ICAT’s powerful, user-friendly dashboard.

This allows the Group at top level to view all audit activity within each Care Home, giving them a ‘birds eye view’ and permitting each care home to see only their activity. The allocated ‘super user’ gets access to all individual reports and actions plans, as well as the overall consolidated reports and actions plans across the group.

This allows consistency and visibility of your audit programmes, running at all times. You can an issue group-wide audit cycle at any time and automatically to all your care homes at the same time.

ICAT is a user-friendly, cost-effective audit software with a vast library of audit tools, and is a content-driven audit solution for healthcare providers in all sectors.

Benefits and Details

  • All templates written by experts in their field
  • Extensive library of templates for all healthcare sectors over 200 audit tools
  • Each non-compliance is accompanied by the answers list,  reference to the relevant guidance and corrective action
  • Easy to use – no technical skills needed
  • Simple access to reporting

Easy to Use

  • Mobile auditing using phones and tablets (iphone, android).
  • Auditing offline or with intermittent internet access means you can move around facilities where WiFi or internet access is restricted or prohibited. It’s easy to use and you don’t need technical skills to get started.
  • Workflow rules guide you through the process.
  • Web based – Full instructions provided and fully supported.

Fully Compliant

The audit tool library is continually reviewed and updated to apply the most up-to-date legislation and fully updated in line with the Code of Practice (2015). Maintained to comply with the Health & Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 complies with current Quality Care Commission (QCC) Fundamental Standards and KLOE.

Simple Auditing

Templates written by experts, with an extensive library of templates for all healthcare sectors. Over 200 audit tools that are structured into sections and are very easy to follow. Pre-built audit tools provide rationale for compliance as well as simple, easy to understand reasons. Corrective action plans generated automatically based on non-compliant answers.

Easy to Use

Mobile Auditing using phones and tablets (iphone, android) Auditing offline or with intermittent internet access means you can move around facilities where WiFi or internet access is restricted or prohibited. It's easy to use and you don't need technical skills to get started. Workflow rules help and guide you through the process using a full supported web based product. Full instructions and telephone support is provided.

Audit Programme

Audit plans allow you to define programmes of audits throughout the year and assign them to Auditors using a simple management tool. You can an issue a group-wide audit cycle anytime you wish, and automatically to all your care homes at the same time. Aggregated reporting and management allow you to ensure the full audit programme is transparent and on schedule.

Staff Benefits

Create a safer environment for service users and staff by identifying your risks. Awareness and risk mitigation with action driven reporting, provides comprehensive audit reports, actions plans, ward to board reporting and group level reporting. Peace of mind knowing there are no shortcuts being made when it comes to safety and compliance.


Colour coded Audit reports allow you to review specific audits whilst aggregated, programme-based reports allow you to track compliance and action reports across the organisation.
Aggregated compliance reporting across the organisation and its facilities provides top-level visibility of your organisation at all times. Available in PDF and Word format.